Kaeli Dwire

Bar Manager

After a number of years with The Indigo Road, Kaeli Dwire excitedly steps into her new role as bar manager at O-ku Charleston. Kaeli’s new responsibilities include creating the beautiful and tasty concoctions for O-Ku’s seasonal cocktail menus.

Kaeli joined The Indigo Road family three years ago as a bartender at The Cocktail Club. During her time there, Conde Nast Traveler featured The Cocktail Club as one of the “8 Best Cocktail Bars in the South” and Southern Living recognized the bar as one of the “South’s Best Bars.” Alongside the leadership of the Creative Management Team, she refined her bartending, craft cocktail and mixology skill set.

When she’s not slinging drinks with a smile, you can find her roller skating, loving on her pup or initiating epically competitive charade matches. She looks forward to sharing sushi, sake and stories with you soon. Kanpai!